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GTM Account Setup
GA4 Property Setup
Basic Tags Setup
Event TrackingBasic Events Only (e.g., Page Views)Standard Events (e.g., Add to Cart)Advanced Events (e.g., User Engagement)
Conversion Tracking
Enhanced E-commerce Tracking
Custom Dimensions/Metrics
Custom Reports in GA4Basic ReportsAdvanced ReportsCustomized Detailed Reports
Data Analysis and Insights
Regular Audits
Updates and TroubleshootingBasic TroubleshootingAdvanced TroubleshootingComprehensive Troubleshooting
Client TrainingBasic OverviewIn-depth TrainingComprehensive Training and Workshops
Documentation ProvidedBasic DocumentationDetailed DocumentationComprehensive Documentation
Data Privacy ComplianceBasic GuidanceAdvanced GuidanceComprehensive Compliance Support
Custom Audience Building
Audience SegmentationBasic SegmentationAdvanced Segmentation
A/B Testing
Dedicated Support✓ (Priority Support)
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