In 3 months, we improved our client’s Click-Through-Rate
results by 25% and improved their compliance by 100%, fully
aligning with current UK GDPR legislation.

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Trouble with customer insights, event tracking, and non-compliant consent procedures.

Implementing advanced tracking with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4 and Matomo for precise user interaction monitoring and valuable insights.

Case Study: Giving a Classic Radiator Company a Piping Hot Boost in Analytics


Cast Iron Radiators has been in the UK market for over 38 years, supplying their clients with radiators and heating accessories.


They came to us wanting to turn up the heat on their analytics game and gather more marketing data to analyse. Their website had some great features, like size calculators for radiators, but they lacked insight into how effectively these features were actually engaging their customers. They aimed to pinpoint which areas of their site were drawing the most engagement from visitors. 

What they were missing were crucial events and conversions, including tracking inquiries through their contact form, clicks on phone numbers, and email interactions. Moreover, their consent procedures didn’t align with Google V2, and their Google Analytics setup wasn’t optimised for collecting sufficient data.

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Crafted a GDPR-compliant
cookie policy
and created a
detailed dashboard with data
integrated from six sources.

Data integrated from: GA4,
Google Ads, Facebook posts,
Facebook advertising, Search
Console, and newsletter

Our Solution:

To address their challenge, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work with some of the advanced tracking solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We set up all the events and configured the collection software, including tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and Matomo.

This setup allowed us to precisely monitor user interactions across their entire website. By doing so, we gained valuable insights into user behaviour and identified areas for improvement.

We “baked” the perfect cookie policy, making sure it was compliant with data privacy regulations, such as the UK’s GDPR. And yes, this meant Google Ads started working even better for them because we were all up to date with the legal requirements. To bring it all together, we crafted a dashboard using Google Looker Studio. This wasn’t just any dashboard—it was like mission control for their marketing efforts, pulling in intel from 6 sources! To gain beneficial information about their most sought after KPIs, we tapped into these 6 sources: GA4, google ads, their Facebook posts, Facebook advertising, search console and their newsletter software. This advanced setup allowed them to make smart, informed decisions easily.

Our solution – a short summary:
  • Our team consulted with the client to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial for their business goals and later integrated them into the dashboard.
  • We engaged in discussions with their team to provide insights for optimising their marketing outcomes.
  • We collaborated with their marketing team to transfer data and explore opportunities for enhancements.
  • Our team installed cookie consent compliant with UK GDPR and ICO law to ensure legal compliance.
  • We helped to optimise consent for improved performance in Google Ads by meeting Google requirements for Consent Mode V2.
  • We developed a comprehensive dashboard comprising 14 pages, showcasing data from 6 sources including GA4, Google Ads, Facebook posts, Facebook advertising, Search Console, and newsletter software.
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Improved marketing strategies
  • A/B testing
  • Comprehensive monitoring and legal compliance
  • Seamless data integration with Google and Meta

The Outcome:

Armed with these insights, the client now has a clear view of where the warmth is on their site, guiding them on where to best focus their efforts. Our dashboard turned into their compass for decision-making, pointing them in the right direction for their marketing strategies.

In summary, our client’s marketing team has become more confident in their decision-making skills and they can now seamlessly implement A/B tests to improve conversion rates and website performance. With comprehensive monitoring of results and smooth data flow to Google and Meta, all with user consent, the client can rest assured of legal compliance and avoid any potential penalties.

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