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Optimise Your Online Impact: Comprehensive GA4 Audit

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Our GA4 Audit thoroughly checks your website’s data tracking setup and the accuracy of your marketing reports, ensuring every element is fine-tuned for peak digital performance.

Best of all, it’s completely free

What’s included in our audit?

1. Data Collection Check ✔️

We ensure all your data sources, like websites or apps, are correctly configured and accurately reporting data.

2. Event Tracking Review ✔️

We examine how user actions on your site are recorded, ensuring every click and interaction is captured correctly.

3. Conversion Tracking Verification ✔️

We verify that important actions, such as purchases or sign-ups, are accurately tracked and attributed to the correct sources.

4. Campaign Tagging Accuracy ✔️

We assess your marketing campaigns to ensure they are correctly set up for accurate tracking and performance analysis.

5. Enhanced Measurement Review ✔️

We evaluate advanced tracking features for detailed user actions like scrolling, file downloads, and video engagement.

6. Audience Segmentation and Targeting ✔️

We check if your targeted user groups are accurately defined and align with your business goals.

7. Basic Cookie Compliance (UK) ✔️

We conduct a review of your website’s cookie usage to ensure compliance with UK data and privacy regulations.

8. Integration with Other Google Products ✔️

We examine how well your site integrates with other Google tools, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

9. Website and Traffic Quality Assessment ✔️

We analyse key reports to assess the quality of your website, the traffic it receives, and the effectiveness of your campaigns. This insight helps you understand your site’s engagement level and conversion efficiency.


Understanding your marketing data isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking the roadmap to scaling your business and transforming data into accelerated growth.

– David Patrykowski, Director at Backona

Your audit will be carried out by our data-driven team

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The quality of your marketing results is directly linked to the quality of the data you collect and report; better data leads to better outcomes



How does the process of ordering an audit work?

Submit the order form on this page to request a free audit, and you’ll receive instructions from us on how to grant access to your GA4 account. Once access is granted, we’ll conduct the audit and provide you with comprehensive reports upon completion.

How long does each audit typically take?

The duration of the audit depends on the complexity of your GA4 setup and the volume of data. Typically, the audit takes up to 3 working days.

Is my data safe and confidential during the audit process?

Absolutely. We adhere to strict confidentiality and data protection policies to ensure your data remains secure and private throughout the audit process.

Will the Tracking Accuracy Audit disrupt my website or app’s performance?

No, the audit is non-intrusive and will not affect your website or app’s performance. We only analyze existing data and configurations.

What happens after the audit is completed?

After completing the audit, we provide a detailed report with our findings, insights, and actionable recommendations for improvements.

Can you assist with implementing recommendations post-audit?

Certainly. We offer consultancy and support services to help you implement the recommendations from our audits effectively.

Does the audit come without any cost?

Yes, the audit is free.

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