Google Analytics 4 Audits

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Audit 1

GA4 Tracking accuracy audit

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  1. Data Stream Verification: Ensuring all data streams (web, app, etc.) are correctly configured and actively reporting data in GA4.
  2. Event Tracking Review: Examining both automatically collected and custom events for accuracy and completeness in tracking user interactions.
  3. User Property Accuracy: Checking the correctness and relevance of user properties being tracked, such as demographics and user behaviors.
  4. Conversion Tracking: Verifying that conversions are correctly set up, tracked, and attributed to the right channels.
  5. Cross-Domain Tracking: Ensuring that cross-domain tracking is properly implemented for consistent user journey tracking across multiple domains.
  6. Campaign Tagging Accuracy: Reviewing the implementation of UTM parameters for accurate campaign tracking and reporting.
  7. Enhanced Measurement Features: Assessing the setup of enhanced measurement options and their accuracy in tracking user interactions like scrolls, file downloads, and video engagement.
  8. Audience Segmentation and Targeting: Checking the accuracy of audience definitions and their alignment with business objectives.
  9. Basic Cookie Check for GDPR/CCPA Compliance in UK: Conducting a basic review of cookie usage and consent mechanisms to ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA requirements in the UK context.
  10. Integration with Other Google Products: Reviewing the integration of GA4 with other Google products like Google Ads, Search Console, and Google BigQuery to ensure data consistency and accuracy across platforms.

Audit 2

GA4 Tracking accuracy audit

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  1. Audience Demographics and Interests: Analyzing audience demographics and interest reports to understand the composition and preferences of your website/app users.
  2. User Acquisition Channels: Examining which channels (organic, paid, social, direct, etc.) are most effective in acquiring new users and driving engagement.
  3. User Engagement Metrics: Assessing user engagement through metrics like session duration, pages per session, and bounce rate, to understand user behavior on the site.
  4. Conversion Analysis: Evaluating the conversion paths and identifying the most effective touchpoints and channels leading to conversions.
  5. E-commerce Performance: For e-commerce sites, analyzing product performance, sales trends, shopping behavior, and checkout funnel effectiveness.
  6. Path Analysis: Utilizing path analysis to trace user journeys and identify common navigation patterns or potential pain points.
  7. Cross-Device Usage: Analyzing cross-device report to understand how users interact with the site/app across different devices and platforms.
  8. Site Search Analysis: Investigating how users interact with the site search feature and what they are searching for, to gain insights into user needs and potential content gaps.
  9. Geographic and Language Insights: Exploring geographic and language data to understand where your users are coming from and their preferred languages, which can inform localization strategies.
  10. User Segmentation Analysis: Segmenting users based on behavior, acquisition source, and other criteria to understand different user groups’ behaviours and needs.


  1. How does the process of ordering an audit work?

    Place Your Order: Fill out and submit the order form available on this page.
    – Make a Payment: Complete the payment for the audit service.
    – Granting Permission: After your order is confirmed, we will send you instructions via email on how to grant us permission to access your GA4 account.
    – Audit Commencement: Once we receive access to your GA4 account, we’ll begin the audit process.
    – Delivery of Reports: After completing the audit, we will deliver comprehensive audit reports to you.

  2. How long does each audit typically take?

    The duration of the audit depends on the complexity of your GA4 setup and the volume of data. Typically, the Tracking Accuracy Audit takes up to 3 working days, while the Data Insights Audit may take 2-5 working days

  3. Is my data safe and confidential during the audit process?

    Absolutely. We adhere to strict confidentiality and data protection policies to ensure your data remains secure and private throughout the audit process.

  4. Will the Tracking Accuracy Audit disrupt my website or app’s performance?

    No, the audit is non-intrusive and will not affect your website or app’s performance. We only analyze existing data and configurations.

  5. What happens after the audit is completed?

    After completing the audit, we provide a detailed report with our findings, insights, and actionable recommendations for improvements.

  6. Can you assist with implementing recommendations post-audit?

    Certainly. We offer consultancy and support services to help you implement the recommendations from our audits effectively.