Passionate about marketing data

Director at Backona

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I’m David Patrykowski,
– marketing data enthusiast

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Bringing 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, I am keen to impart my knowledge on gathering, interpreting, and deriving useful insights from marketing data, along with technical expertise in cookie consents.

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Areas of Interest I Love to Talk About.

  1. Strategies for Effective Data Collection in Marketing
    • Importance of high-quality data acquisition.
    • Best practices for data collection with a focus on user consent and privacy.
  2. Advanced Techniques in Marketing Data Analysis
    • Methods for interpreting and leveraging data insights.
    • Utilizing data for strategic decision-making.
  3. Executing and Analysing A/B Testing for Optimal Results
    • Designing impactful A/B tests.
    • Analysing results for continuous improvement in campaigns.
  4. Pixels and Remarketing: Maximising Customer Engagement
    • Effective use of tracking pixels for retargeting.
    • Best practices for remarketing campaigns.
  5. Proficiency in Key Marketing Tools and Platforms
    • Google Analytics 4: Advanced tracking and reporting.
    • Google Tag Manager: Efficient tag management for websites.
    • Matomo & Piwik Pro: Privacy-focused analytics solutions.
    • Google Search Console: SEO monitoring and website performance.
    • Google Ads: Strategies for paid search and display campaigns.
    • Meta Ads: Leveraging social media platforms for targeted advertising.
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Coventry (UK)

2 years – Director at Backona
15 years – Director at SLT Media

Looking for a speaker?

I’m excited to offer my expertise at events, exhibitions, and networking gatherings. My participation includes keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops, aimed at enriching the marketing community.

Let’s collaborate to enhance your marketing insights.

Email: david at