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Case Study: Empowering “Who Called Me News” with Clever Analytics

Our client:

“Who Called Me News,” is a renowned UK news portal dedicated to unmasking phone scams and empowering users against fraudulent activities. They sought our expertise in Clever Analytics to enhance their Google Analytics data insights.

10.42% more traffic data


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Previously, traffic data from users with ad-blockers and high privacy browsers remained invisible in Google Analytics.


Our solution is designed to detect users using ad-blockers or high privacy browsers, capturing additional data that is sent through our server and then mapped and directly transmitted to GA4. This process enables a comprehensive view of user interactions, enhancing data accuracy and empowering data-driven decision-making.


Thanks to Clever Analytics, we captured data from users with high privacy browsers and ad-blockers, resulting in a remarkable 10.42% increase in user information within GA4, making it a crucial tool for accessing previously inaccessible user traffic data.

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The installation process of our data solution was remarkably simple and efficient. We seamlessly integrated the extended Google Analytics tracking code into the head section of our client’s website, enabling comprehensive tracking of user interactions. Additionally, we added a single DNS CNAME record for a dedicated subdomain used exclusively to collect traffic data.

Clever Analytics was up and running same day gaining valuable insights into user behavior and paving the way for data-driven decision-making.


At Backona, our commitment to data recovery and accuracy is evident in our impressive average data recovery rate of 13%. However, in this particular case, we achieved a recovery rate of 10.42% due to the specific characteristics of “Who Called Me” target audience, primarily consisting of non-technical individuals with minimal usage of ad-blockers or alternative browsers.

Whilst the 10.42% recovery rate may appear slightly lower than our average, it’s essential to emphasise the significant impact it has on enriching the data insights within Google Analytics for your business. Every percentage point gained translates to valuable data that informs better decision-making, improved marketing strategies, and enhanced user experiences. The data collected from these non-technical users provides essential insights that contribute to your business growth and overall success.

At Backona, we take pride in delivering reliable data insights tailored to your unique target audience, ensuring your data collection and analysis efforts are both efficient and fruitful. Rest assured that our team continues to strive for excellence, offering data solutions that bring value and drive your business forward.