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  1. No Website Tracking: The client had no system to monitor who visits their website.
  2. Missing Tag Management: There was no system to manage and update website tags easily.
  3. Unknown Lead Metrics: It was unclear how many new customer leads were generated by the client’s marketing campaigns.

Each challenge required targeted solution for effective resolution.


  1. For No Website Tracking: We have installed Google Analytics 4, enabling the client to monitor website visitor behaviour and gain valuable insights.
  2. For Missing Tag Management: Google Tag Manager has been set up to allow for easy management and updating of website tags, enhancing the client’s digital marketing capabilities.
  3. For Unclear Lead Metrics: Conversions for the contact form have been set up, allowing the client to accurately measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in terms of lead generation.

Deeper look into the process

GTM Account setup

We successfully set up a Google Tag Manager account for our client,, streamlining their ability to manage and deploy website tags with ease. This implementation has greatly enhanced their digital marketing capabilities, allowing for more agile adjustments and data-driven decisions.


We utilised Google Tag Assistant to confirm the successful installation of our Google Tag Manager setup.


We have successfully established a Google Analytics account for our client, enabling them to gain valuable insights into website visitor behaviour and traffic patterns.


Utilising the Google Tag Manager account we had previously configured, we seamlessly integrated the Google Analytics 4 tracking solution across each page of the client’s website, thereby enhancing their ability to comprehensively monitor site activity.


We also deployed the Facebook Pixel on the client’s website, enabling them not only to collect data for future remarketing efforts but also to utilise Facebook’s advanced analytics for more effective campaign performance tracking.


At this stage we verified that website traffic is being successfully recorded through Google Analytics 4, confirming the efficacy of our tracking implementation.


We crafted a custom ‘Thank You’ page on our client’s website and collaborated with them to ascertain the value of each lead. Subsequently, we marked these as conversions, empowering our client to accurately calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for their marketing campaigns.


In conclusion, we conducted a thorough verification to ensure that the conversions were functioning as anticipated, confirming the success of our implementation. As a result, our client not only benefits from a well-configured setup but, most importantly, gains long-term advantages through robust data collection capabilities.