Clever Analytics

Questioning the efficacy of your website’s analytics? Allow us to provide the clarity you need.

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Why us?

Discover the Untapped Data. Amplify Your Website’s Potency.

Clever Analytics is our bespoke solution that counteracts the potential loss of up to 37% of critical website traffic and events data from popular browsers and ad-blocking plugins.

Remember, more data equals more accurate conversions and better-informed decisions. We’re here to secure your data and optimise your business decisions.

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Value you get

More analytical data

Clever Analytics reveals and recovers hidden data from adblockers and high privacy browsers that typically eludes GA4, offering a comprehensive view of user interactions.

Seamless Integration

Continue with your favourite analytics tool, GA4, and enhance its precision with Clever Analytics, integrating this newly captured data straight into your GA4.

Informed Decisions

With complete data, make user-behaviour-driven decisions to optimize website performance.

Unblock Marketing Tools

Clever Analytics doesn’t just enhance your primary analytics tool. It also extends its unblocking capabilities to fire crucial scripts like Facebook and LinkedIn Pixels.

Clever Analytics


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Case Study

24.20% increase in data acquisition within Google Analytics.