Google Analytics 4:

Implementation Configuration & Help

From auditing and setting up GA4, to measuring ROI and calculating customer acquisition costs.

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GA4 service

Why us?

We configure GA4 to become a strategic asset for your business.

We provide critical data to identify profitable marketing channels and campaigns, and highlight areas for improvement.

Our setup allows you to make data-driven decisions, optimising your marketing for efficiency and profitability.

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Use Cases

Lead Tracking

We pinpoint the sources of your leads, enabling you to expand and enhance this channel for greater growth.

E-commerce Performance Tracking:

Monitor and analyse e-commerce performance, including sales, revenue, and product popularity, to enhance your online business, guided by our experts.

Marketing Campaign Optimisation

We excel in maximising the potential of your marketing campaigns, thanks to our team of data experts who analyse user data insights and refine strategies for superior results

Customised Reporting

Receive customised easy to understand GA4 reports tailored to your specific business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) through our expert reporting services.

Website Impact Measurement:

We offer the ability to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your website changes, ensuring you achieve your desired outcomes through the expertise of our specialists.

Even more use Cases

Multi-Device User Behaviour Tracking

We specialise in comprehensive tracking of user behaviour across multiple devices and platforms, thanks to our team of experts who provide valuable insights into your audience’s interactions.

User Experience Enhancement

We pinpoint areas where users may encounter difficulties or frustration, enabling you to enhance the overall user experience with the expertise of our specialists.

Customer Segmentation

Our experts are skilled in identifying and segmenting your most valuable customers, allowing you to target your marketing efforts and enhance customer retention strategies.

Customer Journey Understanding

We specialise in providing you with a deeper understanding of your audience’s journey, enabling you to align your strategies with your customers’ needs at every stage.

Technical Issue Identification

Identify and resolve technical issues on your websites or apps using GA4 data, ensuring a seamless user experience with the expertise of our specialists.

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How our service works?

Assessment & Goals

Our GA4 experts start by understanding your business goals, current analytics setup, and data needs.

Setup & Implementation

After assessment, we install the GA4 tracking code and set up events, conversions, and goals for thorough data collection.

Maintenance &

We continuously monitor your traffic and adjust settings with each new campaign to ensure data accuracy.

Analysis & Recommendations

We examine the data to provide insights and suggest actions for marketing strategy optimization.

“Data really powers everything that we do.”

— Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn)

Our team is

Google Analytics certified

Our team is the perfect blend of specialists in Javascript and marketing, with the added advantage of completing the official Google course.

This unique combination empowers us to help you measure your marketing results efficiently and offer customized advice to achieve your goals.”

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