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Our journey began with a shared vision for comprehensive and accurate data collection, brought to life by two seasoned professionals, Piotr Donica and David Patrykowski. 😊


Piotr Donica
Founder & Software Engineer

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David Patrykowski


Tad Bieniek
Financial Controller

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Adam W.
Data & Software Engineer

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Ann B.


Pauline P.


Natalie W.
Data Visualisation

Matthew min

Matthew W.

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The Leadership at Backona

Piotr, with his two-decade-long IT career and problem-solving acumen, invented Clever Analytics to elevate data collection efficiency. His leadership experience across international teams and corporate initiatives empowers him to deliver pioneering solutions.

Dawid brings 13 years of rich digital marketing experience to Backona. His analytical marketing approach fuels our growth, while his keen eye for data-driven strategic insights and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction shapes our service ethos.

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Precise Data Collection

Here at Backona, we’re all about empowering decision-makers with accurate data! In today’s information age, we know that having the right data can be the key to success.

Our team loves working together, creating an innovative environment where customer satisfaction and precise data collection are our top priorities.

Together, we’re reaching new summits in the data analytics field and having a blast doing it! 😊