Server Side Tagging

Improve website performance, accuracy and privacy by directing data to your server before tracking tools.

SST service

Why us?

Focusing on website performance and user behaviour tracking.

We generate vital data to identify profitable marketing channels and campaigns, and spotlight areas for growth. Our setup, centred on website performance and user behaviour, facilitates informed decisions, honing your marketing for peak efficiency and profitability.

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How our service works?

Understanding Your Requirements

We customize our strategy based on your specific needs, whether it’s data accuracy, site performance, or data privacy.

Optimal Tag Management

Utilize advanced Tag Management Systems, like Google Tag Manager, supporting server-side tagging for best results.

Set Up Server Container

Our experts establish a server container as the data processing hub for seamless and efficient data management.

Tailored Tags

Configure and install customized tags on your website or app to collect the necessary data.

Comprehensive Testing

Thoroughly test tags to ensure accurate data collection and forwarding to third-party tools.

Deployment & Monitoring

Deploy tags on your site and continually monitor and optimize data collection and analysis processes.

Server Side Tagging Benefits

  • Enhanced Website Performance
    Reduced load on user’s device, promoting faster website load times.

  • Improved Data Accuracy
    Greater data control supports privacy regulation compliance.

  • Reduced Data Loss
    By processing data on the server, the risk of data loss due to client-side issues, such as users leaving a page before tags fire, is minimised.
  • Efficient Tag Management
    Streamlined process of managing multiple tracking tools.

  • Increased Data Privacy
    enhances user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations by preventing sensitive data exposure to client-side scripts.

  • Ad Blocker Bypass Potentially overcome data collection issues due to ad blockers